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  Children Wear [2]
Colorful, comfortable and safe fabrics for all types of children's clothing
  Lingerie [1]
The lightest and most stylish fabrics for glamourous lingerie
  Mens Wear [2]
The finest wool and wool-blend fabrics for formal and casual men's wear
  Others [1]
Printed and woven fabrics for any other kind of clothing
  Shirting [0]
Great quality and style research for shirting fabrics
  Sportswear [3]
Great style coupled with breakthrough technology: high performance fabrics (including swimwear)
  Womens Wear [3]
All fabrics in natural or man-made fibers for women's wear clothing


Budapest - Tel: 36-1/466-5496 - Fax: 36-1/466-5486

Richardson Gyapjú-Textil Gyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Győr - Tel: 36-96-317-333 - Fax: 36-96-311-242

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