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Hungarian Textiles

Welcome to HungaroTex, your Business Marketplace for the best resources of "Made in Hungary" Textile and Clothing products.
HungaroTex is an effective interface between Hungarian Manufacturers and international Buyers or Companies.

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HungaroTex is an outstanding resource that empowers you to greatly increase the success of your Business, because clothing and textile merchandise made in Hungary, as well as CMT Manufacturing, are of good quality and with very attractive prices.

Now you may know, evaluate, and purchase an unprecedented selection of products and services directly from Hungarian manufacturers, bringing you lower prices, quicker shipping, more choices and no more endless hours searching the Net!

One site, HungaroTex, will fit all your needs. How?
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The Network

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    There are 413 links for you to choose from

      APPAREL [196]
    The most comprehensive selection of Hungarian Fashion and Apparel manufacturing companies
      FABRICS [46]
    The best fabrics to manufacture great fashion and textile products
    Fashion Accessories: neckties and scarves, socks, stockings, hats, gloves
      FOOTWEAR [58]
    The best Footwear: women's, men's, children's and sport Shoes
      HOME TEXTILES [17]
    Linens and Home Furnishing Textiles, combining quality, style and comfort
      KNITWEAR [22]
    Any type of Knitted Garment and fine Knit Fabric for manufacturing fashion Knitwear
      LEATHER [17]
    Best Leather Clothing and Accessories. Great choices of style and quality
      PRODUCTION [9]
    Excellent Production Services, Productions for trade companies, Textile Machinery
    Suppliers of Natural and Man-Made Fibers, Dyestuffs and other Raw Materials
      SERVICES [5]
    Buying Offices, Training, Textile Designs and Archives, Style Consultants, Shipping, Software
      YARNS [16]
    Spinning of quality Yarns in cotton, wool, silk and man-made fibers.




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    Hungarotex B2B Marketplace az eggyetlen effektiv marketing és eladó eszköz amelyet a Magyar cégek használhatnak Internet által, radikális üzletilehetõségek terjesztése végett, a nemzetközi üzletemberek, importörök, társaságok és üzlethálózatok sorában.

    Csak egy kis részével azoknak a költségeknek amit a hasonló hagyományos, marketing cégek kérnek, a Hungarotex egy nagyon nagy mennyiségü üzletet tud nyújtani a Magyar textil és szövõdeipari társaságoknak.

    Ugyanúgy elsõk vagyunk mint szakképzett nemzetközi látogatók átutalása a Magyar textiles web-oldalakra.

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